A babysitter’s frustrations led to an important reminder for workers to value their time – BlogNews

A babysitter’s frustrations led to an important reminder for workers to value their time – BlogNews

The frustrations of a babysitter served as a key reminder for workers to value their time, regardless of the actual work they are performing at the time.

The 22-year-old took to Reddit to explain that she has been babysitting a 22-month-old as a side gig for the past year. She earns $20 per hour and cleans, prepares meals for the baby, and speaks Spanish to her to help her learn a second language at a young age.

But the baby’s father is said to have told her often that he doesn’t want to pay her to work while the baby sleeps. This has left her confused and feeling unappreciated.

«Today he remarked, ‘You become expensive if you’re here while the baby is asleep,’ which seems like a slap in the face because of what I do while she’s sleeping,» she said. They’re fairly well-off, and it’s frustrating to think that they can afford expensive items but not services. »

The fact that he had previously made comments to this effect made the babysitter worry if she was wrong to continue accepting payment and to consider quitting over the whole situation.

Redditors rushed to reassure the babysitter that her time spent waiting for the sleeping infant to wake up was compensated — as long as she couldn’t leave the house, she was still working.

The babysitter eventually informed readers that she spoke with both parents, and the father stated that his «words did not come out as intended,» and he seemed to change his narrative altogether with his wife available to listen.

The redditor continued: «Mom was extremely sincere and remorseful.» She said she understood how doing my work may be awkward with comments like that because she used to be a babysitter… Mom stated that they are eager to make amends for the issue and that my assistance was vital to them. »

She took some time off to think things over, but if she does end up quitting, the father may be in for a rude awakening about how much paying someone to watch a toddler, teach them Spanish, and clean up around the house can actually end up costing — and that no one worth paying to look after your child offers discounts for nap time.

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